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                                             The Magic of Literacy
                                         Practice and Performance

                                                    April 6-8, 2016   




        “Sisters, sisters
         There were never such devoted sisters,”

         (Irving Berlin)



There has never been a truer statement than this to use when describing Gail Boushey and Joan Moser! These real life sisters have collaborated with a common vision for teaching strategies/techniques throughout their careers. They are best known for The Daily 5 and The CAFÉ Book.    "We want what every teacher wants: effective teaching methods that can adapt as things change, and to lead our children to a lifetime of learning." —Gail Boushey and Joan Moser

These amazing women will be visiting Maryland for our 44th annual SoMIRAC Conference in April, 2016! Want to meet them face-to-face? The will be featured speakers! Don’t forget to register for the conference when the registration link becomes available!

Dr. Mark Edwards, Superintendent of Mooresville Graded School District in North Carolina

Dr. Mark Edwards is pushing the limits in his school district to close the digital divide for all students. His efforts have been noted nationwide and internationally by a variety of media sources.

Dr. Edwards’ efforts have been reflected in test scores and scholarship money received by the students. The steps he has taken in his district are described as “replicable.” Mooresville educators under Dr. Edwards’ leadership are preparing students for the 21st century as well as increasing their college and career readiness.

Guess what? He will be a featured speaker at our 44th annual SoMIRAC Conference in April.  Want to see him and even talk with him about his successes? Don’t forget to register for the conference when the registration link is connected!


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